Privacy and Security website belongs to Turkey Sim Card and the security of our customers visiting this address is very important for us. This text has been prepared to inform you about the security of information.

You can visit our website any time you like without sharing your personal information, and you can get information about our products and services. During your visit to our website, your personal information is provided by you only under your knowledge. Your personal information will be protected by Turkey Sim Card. Your personal information could be shared with third parties authorized by Turkey Sim Card, which can be collected, saved, processed and processed by Turkey Sim Card for purposes such as service, membership, promotion and customer service.

Your name and surname, e-mail address, phone number etc are saved when you submit it to our website. In order to provide your information security, we would like to remind you that you should not share your order number and order information with anyone.

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Turkey Sim Card Privacy Policy

Turkey Sim Card has adopted in principle the protection of the confidentiality of user information in accordance with the laws that information and communication providers must comply with; respect your privacy and the privacy of your personal data, your traffic data, and your communications. This Privacy Policy has been prepared to shed light on how the information you provide while using Turkey Sim Card's services is used and protected by Turkey Sim Card.

Turkey Sim card website (hereafter referred to as "Site" or "Sites" within the scope of this privacy policy), to fully understand the collection, use and transfer of personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy it means that you have given consent. If you do not agree to the this Privacy Policy, choose not to share or transmit your personal data through the Site.

1. Collection of Personal Data

Your personal information will be collected by Turkey Sim Card for purposes such as service, membership, promotion and customer service. For each visitor of the Site, Turkey Sim Card web hosts automatically identify and store information that is not considered personal data under normal conditions such as the visitor's IP address and domain.When you visit the site, Turkey Sim Card can store "identification information" to increase your experience according to your interests and preferences. However, if you block or delete cookies, your previously specified preferences or customization settings will not be restored, and personalization of your online experience will be reduced.

Information gathered using "cookies" or logs is stored to gather information about how the Website is being used by you. This information is obtained and stored in accordance with the Cookie Policy below.

2. Use and Disposition of Personal Data

The personal data you provide within the Website is processed in accordance with the law. In order to provide better quality service to its subscribers in order to benefit from Turkey Sim Card services and products; (i) your required function or activity you select, (ii) your access to certain products or services, (iii) your use of customer service activities, or (iv) the Web Site you visit will be able to process your personal data on the Website for the purpose specifically indicated in the relevant fields.When you sign to the site with the relevant information and approving the data processing permission, you will allow us to do marketing activities such as campaigns, advertisements, promotions, sales, customer services from all the communication channels mentioned above such as e-mail, SMS and call center, written, dialer, visual and verbal messages. Turkey Sim Card can combine or use your personal data that provided through web site with third party data to improve your customer experince and service quality.

Again, personal data submitted by you; in accordance with the relevant legislation and in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data Processing and Privacy in the Electronic Communication Sector, to provide telecommunication services or to provide other value added services; if the user permits the use of personal information, it may be processed by Turkey Sim Card within the scope and time required for such services and marketing. You may always withdraw your permission to process personal information under the services and services provided by Turkey Sim Card. Turkey Sim Card will be able to use your IP address to show you the appropriate interface and help you identify problems with our server. Your IP information helps the Turkey Sim Card understand your specific needs for the website.

In order to continuously improve the service offered to you, the browser type / version that carries the personal information feature, the operating system used, the referrer URL (previous page visited), the hostname (IP address) of the accessing computer, the time of the server query, is stored. Despite taking the necessary information security measures, Turkey Sim Card will not have any responsibility in case of any damage of the confidential information or data leakage towards the third parties as a result of attacks on the Site and the system.

3. Transfer of Personal Data

Turkey Sim Card, your personal data on the Site (a)With your consent or (b) imposition by law or court order or (c) except for the company or persons in which the Turkey Sim Card internal Site business or business or business affairs are jointly conducted or (d) except for the third parties (except for the purpose of routing) that are subject to laws, binding drafts or contracts which prescribe the principle for fair administration with adequate level of protection and are not sold or transferred.

4. Quality

TurkeySimCard will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the personal data collected from you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, regarding the services and products offered by Turkey Sim Card, it is considered that any personal data presented to him is correct. Turkey Sim Card is not responsible for any damages that may arise. If you have determined that personal data maintained by Turkey Sim Card is not accurate, complete and up-to-date, reasonable attempts will be made to correct your personal data in accordance with your written notification.

5. Security

Turkey Sim Card will use reasonable technology and internal processes to protect the security of your personal data and to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. However, Turkey Sim Card has never made any commitment that unauthorized access to your personal data will not occur. In accordance with the Privilege Privacy Policy, Turkey Sim Card has right to share any information (including personal data) with legal authorities and other relevant institutions in the event of fraud or any investigation or may be required by law or in place of a request by the judicial authorities.

Technical standards: You can see that the data transfer is encrypted from a closed key or lock symbol on the bottom status bar of your browser. Users' credit card information can not be viewed by any third party, including site administrators. The entered credit card information is only used during shopping and is not kept in the database by any means. The security of users' personal information is one of the most important issues for Turkey Sim Card.

6. Opt-in

After start to using Turkey Sim Card services, you will be automatically aggreed with communication about all kinds of services , membership, customer services, advertising, promotion and all kinds of electronic messages that have been made and / or will be made in any future campaigns under related legislation.

7. Amendment of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is updated as often as required by Turkey Sim Card in order to reflect changes and customer feedback on services and services offered by Sim Card. If there are significant changes to the privacy policies or if changes are made to how your personal information will be used, we will be inform you about such changes before applying the change. After publication of the notice , if you continue using the relevant services, you will automatically accept this amended Privacy Policy. We recommend that you regularly review this Privacy Policy to learn how information is collected, used and protected within the services and services offered by Turkey Sim Card.

8. Getting Information and Objection

Your trust is important for Turkey Sim Card. For this reason, you always have the right to receive personal information stored in our database, their source, recipient and information about the purpose of storage. If you want to receive detailed information about your personal data, you can send your requests in writing to [email protected].