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Turkey Sim Card is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from access to the Site, use of the site or any other data, programs etc, breach of contract, tort, or any other reason. Turkey Sim Card, due to breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; we do not accept any responsibility for interruption, error, neglect, interruption of the transaction. Access to this Site or other linked web sites or use of the Site, Turkey Sim Card shall be free from any and all liability and all damages and claims including court and other costs which arising out of use / visit of the Site..

Force Majors

Turkey Sim Card shall not be responsible for any disruptions that may have caused the events beyond its control and preventing the application of the provisions of these conditions of use and these are including but not limited; battles, riots, strikes, natural disasters, internet infrastructure (including the responsibilities or negligence of service providers), technical problems or network failures, telephone lines, computer systems or software or any other laws, regulations, or other actions or court, state or government agencies do not work well.


Turkey Sim Card does not insist on the application of any provision of these terms of use does not mean that this right or provision is waived.

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The terms of use and the management of legal relations arising under its application, interpretation and provisions shall be governed by the Turkish Law. The parties agree that İstanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices are authorized for disputes arising from the application of these Terms of Use.

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Terms & Conditions for Portable Wifi

Nature of services

“Turkey Sim Card” provides a portable wifi rental services, along with accessories to travelers who plan to visit Turkey from abroad. Accessories are also included to the rental agreement. Customer accepts to return accessories as portable wifi device. Portable wifi device rent price does not include data package. That price is only for rental of Portable Wifi + Accessories (Equipment).

Use of equipment

“Turkey Sim Card” asks for Arrival and Return date to the customer during the order. Customer is responsible for inspecting all equipment (Portable Wifi + Accessories) upon delivery and to verify that it is in good working condition. Customer must be available to pick up equipment on arrival date as indicated online booking form.


All Equipment should be returned with the package provided by “Turkey Sim Card”. The Equipment shall be returned in good working condition. Customer takes all risk of loss, damage or late return of Equipment.

Fees and charges

Rental Fees

Rental fee is calculated by “Turkey Sim Card” starting from Arrival Date and ending at the Return Date.”Turkey Sim Card” declares daily rental fee of equipment from the web site and may be changed from time to time upon prior notice. To complete any booking, “Turkey Sim Card” requires to make a payment of the total rental charges and a deposit of US$100. Deposit will be returned to the credit card of the customer within 24-48 hours after return of the equipment.

Charges for Damage or loss of the Equipment

“Turkey Sim Card” will apply the following fees using the deposit taken during the order in case of loss or damage.
Loss/Damage of Equipment(Portable Wifi +accessories) : 100 USD
Loss/Damage of Portable Wifi : 80 USD
Loss/Damage of Charger: 10 USD
Loss/Damage of Powerbank : 20 USD
Loss/Damage of Cable: 5 USD
Loss/Damage of Case: 5 USD

Late Return

Late return of Equipment to “Turkey Sim Card” will result in taking the additional late charges from the customer. All returns must be made on Return Date as indicated online order form. In case customer fails to return the equipment after the rental end date, “Turkey Sim Card” will apply daily penalty of 5 USD. In case the equipment is


In case customer needs to cancel the order before delivery, it can be done without any penalty.

Ownership of equipment

Customer agrees and acknowledges renting Equipment for travel purposes only, and that customer will not have any right on the Equipment.

Rental period

The Rental Period starts on your pickup date (“Arrival Date”) and expires upon your departure date (“Return Date”).