About us

We are telco professionals working more than 10 years in telecommunication sector. Turkey Sim Card is a startup company. We want to grow this company via giving you the best customer experience.

Our vision is being everything of a tourist in a country.

In our roadmap, we plan to make a free app with the following feature:
  • Extra delivery options such as you can take your sim card at your hotel.
  • After sales interactions (recharging, customer care services)
  • Offering restaurants
  • Transportation apps (how i can go a place? Bus, metro etc.)
  • Taxi calling
  • Detailed info about historical places
  • Tourist map
  • Hotel booking
  • Renting a car
  • Buying Plane&Bus&Train ticket
  • Balloon booking
  • Buying a mobile telephone
  • Buying souvenirs and gifts