Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Every day in many parts of the world tourists visit our country to make a hair plantation in Turkey.

Among the many areas covered by health tourism, the most preferred operation in recent years is hair surgery. Turkey, thanks to the successful hair operations carried out and appropriate price policy, its leading position in the hair implant is likely to continue throughout the years.

Why you should choose Turkey for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Istanbul is the city most preferred for plantation operations in Turkey. One of the most interesting cities in the world with all the sights and history of Istanbul, is also the capital of aesthetic operations in Turkey. Having the opportunity to discover the city while having the hair transplant performed in a period of 4-5 days is quite attractive by all tourists.

The most successful hair transplant operations around the world are also performed by Turkish physicians, at very affordable prices compared to other countries. For example; when carrying out astronomical fees such as $20000 in the United States, plantation in Turkey is done with much more reasonable prices. When price/performance chart is concerned, it is not surprising that Turkey is the leading country in the field of hair transplantation.

Achievements and level of expertise of physicians, used technology, having a touristic trip at the same time and reasonable prices make the Turkey and Istanbul right address.

In 2020, around 200 thousand people came from European countries for hair transplantation. In the previous years, there would have been a lot of people from the Middle East and Gulf countries. This was a serious number around 100-150 thousand. The number of tourists from Europe increased significantly, thanks to the reasons mentioned above. Numbers from Europe exceed 50 percent of the total number. Italy comes first, then Germany, then England.

In hair transplant centers, other aesthetic operations such as eyebrow transplantation, hair simulation, beard and mustache transplantation are also performed.