Health Care Services and Treatments in Turkey

Turkish Health Care Services Offers The Best : Dental Surgery, Hair Transplanting, Heart Surgery, Eye Laser Treatment, Aesthetic Interventions and much more...

Health Tourism in Turkey

Turkish health care tourism is improved a lot with cutting-edge technologies. Offering a wide range of services and affordable prices made Turkey an attractive destination. With its modern hospitals, trained personel and expert doctors, Turkey has been serving health services in European standards recently.

Last year 1 million people from all around the world visited Turkey for heatlh care services which is expected to reach 2 million this year. From eye laser to hair transplant, heart surgeries to aesthetic, Turkey offers a wide range of health services. Due to affordable costs people from all over the world visit Turkey for aesthetic interventions, heart surgeries, hair transplanting, eye treatments, tooth implantation and cancer treatment. The most prefered locations are Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Kocaeli.

Patients from France, Germangy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Arab countries are mostly coming for dental implants and aesthetic dentistry practices. It is because these treatments are costly due to high dental prosthesis and implant fees in their countries.

Private, university and public hospitals in Turkey offer high quality services and well-equipped to serve many health problems. All doctors serving in Turkey must have occupational obligation insurance. In case of any medical error or malpractice, the patient is compensated by insurance.

Interpreting services are offered in hospitals when international patients ask for it. The Ministry of Health also offers 24/7 interpreting services in Arabic, English, German and Russian languages. Patients who come to our country can easily get an interpreting service by calling 112 in any emergency and 184 in case of complaints.