Getting a Turkish Sim Card

To get a Turkish sim card, you must enter the country

Telecom operator's activation systems have integration with passport control systems and checks your entrance.

For sim card activation, a photo of the passport or identity document that you use while entering the country is required as a government rule.

Turkish sim cards activated with a passport/foreign identity card are automatically deactivated after 3 months. If you want to use your Turkish sim card after 3 months, a residence permit must be obtained from Turkey and a residence permit document must be issued to the telecom operator.

Turkish sim card packages are valid for 1 month. You can top up a new package after 1 month.

There is 4G high speed internet in Turkey.

You can share the internet with your friends. There are no restrictions.

You can call your country over Whatsapp, Skype etc. If you need international voice packages you can also buy it.

You can also get eSIM service in Turkey. For more detailed information: click here.

If you have a device that you have used with a Turkish sim card before, you can not use it in Turkey without registering. For more detailed information: click here.

You can also buy a Turkish sim card from our website and receive it at the airport. To check out our offers: click here.