Car rental in Turkey

Car rental prices are determined entirely in the competitive environment. Therefore, you can find more affordable prices in case of early rental. Almost all of the global renting companies have offices at İstanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Antalya airport. You can compare prices and make reservations using the websites such as kayak, etc.

When you plan without knowing the car rental terms, your holiday and time may be wasted. For this reason, you should know the car rental conditions before renting a car.

  • Your driver age should be 21

    You must be at least 21 years of age in order to rent an economic vehicle due to insurance requirements. For middle and upper class vehicles, 25 is the lower limit. You must be at least 28 years old for luxury and large vehicles.

  • Driver license

    Those who want to rent an economic, middle class or upper class car should have a minimum of 2 years of driving license. But for luxury or large vehicles, this period is 3 years.

  • Additional driver

    Any rented vehicle can be used by more than one person. The second or additional driver must be declared before the rental and must be processed in the rental contract. So the additional driver is also covered by the insurance.

  • Mileage limit

    The mileage limit included in the price of the car you rent is displayed on the screen where the vehicles are listed. If the specified mileage is exceeded, a surcharge of 0.5 TL is applied per kilometer. There is no km limit for vehicles specified as unlimited.

  • Payment Methods

    In order to complete the car rental, you must pay all or part of the rental fee (prepayment amount) by credit card, bank transfer. If you have made the full payment, you will not make any payment when the vehicle is delivered to you. In all payment methods, you should always have your credit card and driver's license with you when you take your vehicle.

  • Deposit / Provision

    During the time you use the vehicle you rented, you may be required to take out the traffic and parking fines, the missing fuel, the damages not covered by the insurance. For this security, a transaction called credit card is applied. A provision is to block a certain amount on the credit card. Reduces your credit card's available limit but does not reflect your statement as spending. It is mandatory to have a credit registered on behalf of the main driver with a valid and available limit of at least 6 months for provision.

  • Insurance

    There are some important requirements for the insurance of the insurance. If alcohol and drugs are used, the insurance shall be voided. Similarly, in case of non-compliance with the legal speed limits, the use of the vehicle other than those written in the contract, exceeding the load rate and the use of the vehicle outside the highways, the insurance is not applicable. In order for the fuses to be valid, traffic and alcohol reports must be kept at the time of accident and must be delivered to the supplier of the vehicle at the latest within 48 hours.

  • Pick up car from the airport

    Even though flight information is not available during the rental to pick up your car at the airport, flight information must be sent by e-mail no later than 24 hours prior to picking up the vehicle. Thanks to flight information, even if your plane delayed you will be met on time and take delivery of your vehicle.

  • Delivery and Return

    The rented vehicle should only be picked up at the address indicated and returned at the address specified for return. Options for delivery may only be made within the boundaries of the district or district where the rental is made. No leasing is made to the address specified in a different district or district by renting from any district. A maximum of one hour of standby time is accepted when the vehicle is delivered. Extra charges may be incurred on request. No refund will be made if the vehicles are returned early. Additional charges may apply if late return of the vehicles.

  • Fuel

    It is important to check the fuel tank level while the vehicle is being picked up. The rented vehicle is expected to be returned with the same level of fuel. No refunds for vehicles returned with excessive fuel. In case of missing fuel, the fuel fee and the service fee may be collected

  • Going abroad with vehicle

    Exiting abroad with the rented car in Turkey is not possible. Insurances are not valid outside the country. However, you may need to talk privately about where to rent the vehicle.


    HGS/OGS are the systems used for the collection of the toll received from bridges and highways. All of rented vehicles have OGS or HGS inside it. Thus, you can use the toll motorways automatically. HGS / OGS fee will be charged to + 10 TL service fee as much as used. If HGS / OGS is not used at all, no fee may be charged.