Turkish Words and Phrases for Travellers and Tourist

When tourists try to speak in their own language Turkish people love it and get more helpful even if it is as simple as saying “Hello”. We listed more common and daily words and phrases here:

Hello Merhaba Meh – rha – bah
Yes Evet Eh – vet
No Hayır Hah – yur
How much? Ne kadar? Neh – ka – dar
Please Lutfen Lewt – fehn
Thank you Teşekkür ederim Tesh – ek – kerr – eh – deh – rim
How are you? Nasilsin? Nah-sil-sen
I am fine Iyiyim ee-yee-yim
What? Ne? Neh
When Ne zaman Neh-za-man

Tips to know about Turkish language:

  • There are 29 letter in the alphabet
  • The words pronounced exactly the same way as it is read.
  • There are no letter as Q, W and X in Turkish alphabet.
  • Some letters are not present in English e.g. ö, ş, ı, ç, ü, ğ
You will stil manage even if you don’t know Turkish. Many Turks know English and are very helpful to tourists.