How can i check my balance?

You can check your remaining amounts for TURK TELEKOM through folllowing steps:

  • Call *123# and you will see a screen with option 1 to 6.
  • Write 1 to textbox to see the remaining amounts and press Gönder button.
  • You will see another screen. It says your remaining amounts are sent you as sms.
  • You will get 3 sms from 9333 with header DAKIKA - SMS - INTERNET.
  • "DAKIKA" means minute and "KALAN" means remaining in Turkish.
  • The values after "KALAN" are your remaining amounts.

  • You can check your remaining amounts for TURKCELL through folllowing steps:
  • Write KALAN and send sms to 2222
  • You will get an SMS from “PaketKalan” in a few seconds.
  • Number written in front of “dk” means remaining minute, “adet” means remaining SMS, “MB” means remaining internet as megabyte.
  • Please sum the values in front of the "MB" to find your total internet package
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