Türkiye Hakkında Seyahat İpuçları ve Yararlı Bilgiler

Safe Travelling to Turkey With Coronavirus

Stay Safe When you Travel! The Authorities recommend following these steps to protect yourself and others when you travel.

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Car rental in Turkey

Car rental prices are determined entirely in the competitive environment. Therefore, you can find more affordable prices in case of early rental. Almost all of the global renting companies have offices at İstanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Antalya airport. You can compare prices and make reservations using the websites such as kayak, rentalcars.com etc.

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Mobile Operators in Turkey

Travelling to Turkey? Using your home phone network in Turkey can be expensive even if you have an international packages e.g. Vodafone. So you considering switching over a local Sim card to take advantage of better deals and plans.

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Airport Transportation in Turkey

How can I go to my hotel or city center from the New Istanbul Airport (IST)?

Havaist, IETT and Istanbul Seyahat offer services from Istanbul Airport.

Havaist provides luxury passenger and luggage transportation services in 11 separate lines and with 34 stations. Ensuring full time city integration from Istanbul Airport.

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Health Care Services and Treatments in Turkey

Eye laser, hair transplant, heart surgeries, aesthetic, dental care and many more. Turkey offers a wide range of health services.Read our blog before travel to Turkey.

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Thermal Health Treatment in Turkey for Rheumatic Diseases

The thermal water can provide relief for post-traumatic treatments, rheumatic diseases and dermatological issues. Read our blog before travel to Turkey.

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Türkiye'de eSIM

Esim veya gömülü sim, fiziksel sim kartı çöpe atan, telefonunuza gömülü olan sanal sim kart teknolojisidir.

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Don’t leave Turkey without trying one of these foods!

If you are travelling to Turkey, here is a selection of Turkish food you should try. Read our blog for Turkey travel tips.

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Turkish Words and Phrases for Travellers and Tourist

When tourists try to speak in their own language Turkish people love it and get more helpful even if it is as simple as saying “Hello”. We listed more common and daily words and phrases here:

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Exchange Money in Turkey or In Your Home Country?

If you are planning to travel to Turkey, you will need Turkish Liras (TL). You can check Turkish Republic Central Bank’s daily exchange rates here.

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