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The best prepaid Turkey SIM Cards For Tourists and Travellers

Just order your SIM card or eSIM with a PORTABLE WIFI rental option then get it at the airport (7/24 hours). No more hassle buying at destination and waiting for activation.

$ 30

20 GB

20 GB data - 200 Minutes Local Call
With eSIM Option
With Portable Wifi Rent Option
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$ 39

50 GB

50 GB data
With eSIM Option
With Portable Wifi Rent Option
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$ 48

70 GB

70 GB data
With eSIM Option
With Portable Wifi Rent Option
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$ 58

90 GB

90 GB data
With eSIM Option
With Portable Wifi Rent Option
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$ 67

110 GB

110 GB data
With eSIM Option
With Portable Wifi Rent Option
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$ 75

125 GB

125 GB data
With eSIM Option
With Portable Wifi Rent Option
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$ 82

140 GB

140 GB data
With eSIM Option
With Portable Wifi Rent Option
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$ 90

155 GB

155 GB data
With eSIM Option
With Portable Wifi Rent Option
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Why Turkey Sim Card

Turkey Sim Card offers you Turkey’s leading operators’ prepaid sim card offers. Select your offer, order your sim card with a portable wifi rent option before your trip. Our team will meet you at the arrival exit door of the airport.(7/24 hours)

Turkey Sim Card Full Kit

4.5G Coverage

Our partner mobile operators give 4.5G speed internet connection across all country to 30 million subscribers.


If you have a device supporting eSIM, you can purchase your sim card as eSIM. No need for physical sim card change!

Avoid expensive roaming charges

Our sim packages provide saving a lot when compared to data roaming with your local sim package.

Data package sharing option

You turn your mobile device to wi-fi hotspot and share your data package during your trip.

No waiting in the queues of the airport

To activate a sim card at the airport, most probably you will be waiting in the queue in front of the exchange office or telecom shops. No more challenge now. Our service is take and go.

Full refund

If you cancel your order before delivery, all money taken from your credit card will be refunded without any commission.

After sales support

You can ask for any issue to our agents (7/24 hours) from our whatsapp line or email.

Reasonable prices

Our prices are cheaper when it is compared to the airport shops.

Portable Wifi Rental

You could rent a portable wifi device 1 USD per day during your trip and share with your friends.

Private meeting service

Our team will be waiting to you at the arrival exit door with your name (7/24 hours) and delivering your package. This service is totally free. No extra charge.

Ready to use sim package

You will not wait for the activation of your sim package. You will take your already tested sim card from our delivery team. Then insert and use.

Secure payment

Your credit card information is not stored anywhere in our systems. Your payment will be completely secure with 128 bit SSL. Payment receipt of your order will be sent to your email when the order is completed.

International voice package

You can select offers having free call to your country and make high quality phone calls with your loved ones.

How it works

Customer Reviews

Luke Soler


Extremely efficient, extremely reliable, a great hassle-free service... Not to mention the awesome WiFi device provided. (Mine was a Huawei and worked really well. Lasted 6hrs+ on a single charge with 6 devices connected, and the provided battery bank is more than enough). There's a very good choice of packages, which are priced really well considering the ease of use and great customer service. They don't leave much to complain about! :D Having said that, I do have one minor constructive criticism for an even smoother/safer experience. Add PayPal (or other means of secure payment gateway) to the website. That was the only thing that seemed fishy. I was so uncertain that I even brought along an old phone to use as a hotspot with another SIM card, just in case this was a scam. I also used a disposable credit card just in case! But I was very pleasantly surprised... Excellent. 5 star! #Recommended

Jun Yea Chai (dLOFT architects)


Truly a top service SIM card provider. Convenient to just ordered only and pick up at Departure main hall exit gate 13. The lady even brought me back to the level -2 to pillar 13 where our tour bus is waiting.

Octavio Avalos Galera


(Translated by Google) I hired a SIM card through your website, when I arrived at Istanbul airport they were waiting for me at the agreed place, they gave me the card, it worked great, not a single problem in the 10 days of my trip throughout Turkey. A service that I highly recommend and that I will hire again on my next trip to the country. (Original) Contraté una tarjeta SIM por su página web, al llegar al aeropuerto de Estambul me estaban esperando en el lugar acordado, me entregaron la tarjeta, funcionaba genial, ni un solo problema en los 10 días de mi viaje por toda Turquí. Un servicio que super recomiendo y que volveré a contratar en mi próximo viaje al país.

Boris Zagrebelsky


(Translated by Google) We have booked a trip to Istanbul and I didn't just want to rely on the WiFi and look for a SIM card for Turkey in the internet. I came across Turkey Sim Card. I had my first contact via WhatsApp and booked three cards and a transfer to the hotel. Even get a discount. I received a video about the message in which the service employee was waiting for me. We landed and I found the employee right away, he gave me three cards and led to the transfer. Our driver was already waiting there. When I got to the hotel, the cards were already activated, I just had to insert the cards into the phone. I received the message via WhatsApp with wishes about my stay, then I asked for the return transfer and got a positive answer within a few minutes. I could ask every little thing via WhatsApp and I got an answer straight away. To be honest, I haven't experienced such service in a long time. Highly recommend Turkey Sim Card. (Original) Wir haben eine Reise nach Istanbul gebucht und ich wollte nicht nur an das WiFi mich angewiesen füllen und in Internet nach eine SIM Card für Türkei gesucht. Ich bin auf Turkey Sim Card gestoßen. Ersten Kontakt hatte ich über WhatsApp und habe drei Karten und auch ein Transfer ins Hotel gebucht. Sogar ein Rabatt erhalten. Über die Nachricht habe ich Video erhalten, in dem der Service Mitarbeiter mich warten würde. Wir sind gelandet und ich habe direkt den Mitarbeiter gefunden, er hat mir drei Karten gegeben und führte zum Transfer. Dort wartete schon unser Fahrer. Als ich ins Hotel angekommen bin, waren schon die Karten aktiviert, ich bräuchte nur die Karten ins Telefon einzustecken. Über WhatsApp habe ich die Nachricht mit Wünschen zum Aufenthalt bekommen, dann habe ich für den Rücktransfer gefragt und habe innerhalb paar Minuten die positive Antwort bekommen. Jeder Kleinigkeit könnte ich über WhatsApp fragen und bekam direkt eine Antwort. Ehrlich zu sagen, so ein Service habe ich schon lange nicht erlebt. Ich kann Turkey Sim Card nur empfehlen.

Christian Kühnke


The service provided by is an absolute hassle-free option for travellers to turkey to stay connected during the holiday. The price is reasonable and the service is perfect. These guys do not let you down, even in case of problems. Absolutely trustworthy. Can 100% recommend.

Ily Ily


(Translated by Google) I accidentally found out that I have an eSIM on my phone. Found the guys site. We connected everything in an hour. No physical sim needed. Send the qr code to whatsap, point it, and everything is already working! I am delighted! 50 gigs of internet, the speed is better than wifi in the hotel. Under 100 Mbps almost everywhere! Thanks a lot! Recommend! (Original) Случайно узнал что у меня на телефоне есть eSIM. Нашел сайт ребят. Подключили все за час. Физическая сим не нужна. Прислали qr код в whatsap, наводишь, и все уже работает! Я в восторге! 50 гигов интернета, скорость лучше чем wifi в отеле. Под 100 мбит почти везде! Спасибо огромное! Рекомендую!

Denis Ponomarev


(Translated by Google) I was tempered by esim 2 days before arrival in Turkey, I chose the desired tariff and paid for it, I was immediately contacted by Whatsapp and explained everything. Upon arrival, they sent a QR code with the activation of the card, everything worked! The connection is excellent, a lot of Internet traffic (20-40 GB depending on the selected tariff), the only problem was with the activation, most likely you need to activate with the Internet connected to the phone (wifi). The guys are good, they are worried about each client in general, I advise! (Original) Закал esim за 2 дня до прилёта в Турцию, выбрал нужный тариф оплатил, со мной сразу связались по Whatsapp все объяснили. По прилету прислали QR code с активацией карты, все заработало! Связь отличная много трафика интернета (20-40 Гб в зависимости от выбранного тарифа) единственная проблема была с активацией, скорее всего нужно активировать с подключенным к телефону интернетом (wifi). Ребята хорошие, беспокоятся о каждом клиенте в общем советую!

Yousef A


(Translated by Google) Simple and excellent service Enter the site Choose slide type SIM card or eSIM I chose an eSIM Choose the package Upload a passport photo for identity verification Pay for the package after arrival The first time I connected to the Internet, I contacted them and they sent me the electronic chip (Original) خدمة ممتازة وبسيطه ادخل على الموقع اختر نوع الشريحة SIM card او eSIM انا اخترت eSIM اختر الباقة ارفع صورة الجواز للتحقق من الهوية ادفع قيمة الباقة بعد الوصول اول ما شبكت بالانترنت تواصلت معاهم وارسلوا لي الشريحة الالكترونية

Алёна Камеко


Very convenient service. Directly at the exit from airport the company will meet you and provide a ready bag with simcard, no waiting very quick, just need to order online. Also they provided a transfer service from airport to hotel. Thank you a lot guys for good work

Klemen Randl


Very helpful and efficient service. Our flight arrived around midnight and we had a 2 hour delay because we had to go trough customs. Nevertheless, they delivered the SIM card in the middle of the night straight to the exit of the Istanbul Airport. Very satisfied, highly recommend their service!

Мария Афонина


(Translated by Google) I adore you ! You saved me! I am in the forest on the Lycian path and without the Internet you can’t be here! And this company helped me with the activation of the Internet! Thank you so much ! (Original) Я вас обожаю ! Вы меня спасли ! Я нахожусь в лесу на Ликийской тропе и без интернета тут нельзя ! А эта компания помогла мне с активацией интернета! Спасибо большое !

T. K.H.


Perfect experience with Turkish SIM card. We received a small modem with a portable powerbank on our arrival airport and it was picked up by the team on our departure airport. Easy contact with the Turkey SIM card team through whatsapp. Besides that it was easy to top up the internet and buy extra data. Everything was pre-arranged. The only thing left was connecting my phone to the wifi. Thank you!

wesam Abu-Zahri


Turkey SIM card is really excellent provider. They are on time and they did the delivery at the airport in very professional and easy way. I Would like to express my best regards to all Turkey customers service.

Ra3i Ba7ar


I give them A++ rating, excellent service, and excellent customer relation, from the time i reached Istanbul air port they were waiting with my ready to use sim card with smile, then after i left to my country, i forgot that i did not activate the roaming service, it was very uncomfortable feeling, BUT the kept there support and helped me to activate the roaming while i was out side Turkey. GOOD BLESS YOU ALL I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND THEM

Charbel Ghanem


(Translated by Google) I really recommend this company they are so helpful and even answers 24/7 I recommend dealing with this company for good treatment, fast and efficient service (Original) I really recommend this company they are so helpful and even answers 24/7 انصح بالتعامل مع هذه الشركة لحسن المعاملة والخدمة السريعة والفعالة

Dr Anwar Iqbal


Fantastic experience with Turk Cell. Their service and coverage is remarkable. I purchased a 8 GB card online and they delivered it on the airport when I arrived and save my energy and time to purchase a card. I was very happy that immediately after landing Istanbul I was able to connect my love ones in my native town. Thank you TURK CELL.

Braks Rad


(Translated by Google) I totally recommend! The best choice not to stress about looking for an operator once you arrive. Everything went well when I arrived at the airport, very professional, and they are very attentive and do not hesitate to help you if any problem! Perfect ! (Original) Je recommande totalement ! Le meilleur choix pour ne pas stresser a chercher un opérateur une fois arrivé. Tout c'est bien passé a mon arriver a l'aéroport, très professionnel, et ils sont très a l'écoute et n'hésite pas a vous aider si quelconque problème ! Parfait !

Ciprian Popa


I ordered the sim card from home one day before to arrive to Antalya. When I get out from airport I saw the guy who give me the SIM Card. That was! Simple.. Thank you.

Artem Melnyk


Excellent delivery service and support. Highly recommended! Thank you guys 🙂

Remi Rodríguez


(Translated by Google) QUICK DELIVERY AND CONNECTION. I have arrived at the Istanbul airport and as I had already been anticipated by email, a boy was waiting for me at gate 9 with a sign with my name. He has given me the card and has photographed my passport according to local regulations. I have entered it in the mobile and voila! Data!!!! All perfect!!! I recommend it. 10gb for € 24 and they give you another 13gb more. 👌 (Original) ENTREGA Y CONEXIÓN RÁPIDA. He llegado al aeropuerto de Estambul y como ya me habían adelantado por email me estaba esperando un chico en la puerta 9 con un cartel con mi nombre. Me ha dado la tarjeta y ha fotografiado mi pasaporte por normativa local. La he introducido en el móvil y voilá!! Datos!!!! Todo perfecto!!! Lo recomiendo. 10gb por 24€ y te regalan otros 13gb más. 👌

David Nitra


Luz Maria B


Excellent!! Highly recommended for anyone arriving toTurkey and needing a SIM card immediately.

Jeremie Jia


I never image one company can be so efficient ! whenever u have a question, they try to resolve it at all price ! Highly recommended!

Julina Samsu


Convenient way to get a sim card in need to queue & wait long time to register the sim card as it is pre-registered & ready to use upon collection..easy to topup also just need to contact the support team which is very efficient..satisfied customer

Miriam Cuenta Google


(Translated by Google) I hired a SIM card from Spain and at the airport a boy was waiting for us with my name to deliver it to us. There was no problem, it was in the agreed place. And the internet was great for me 5 days. My husband was anchored to my phone and it worked perfectly. Highly recommended (Original) Contrate una tarjeta SIM desde España y en el aeropuerto un chico nos esperaba con mi nombre para entregarnosla. No hubo ningún problema, se encontraba en el lugar acordado. Y el internet me fue fenomenal los 5 días. Mi marido estuvo anclado a mi teléfono y nos funcionó perfectamente. Muy recomendable

Julio Monroy


(Translated by Google) Reliable company and timely delivery (Original) Empresa confiable y entrega oportuna

Francisco Bravo


Very good team

thanos perisinakis


Amazing customer service.Really professional and kind staff.Totally recommend it!!!


Istanbul Airport (IST)
Due to the COVID 19 precautions, we will not be able to wait you inside the terminal. Our team will meet you outside of the terminal. Our team will be waiting with the "GUIDE 01" sign at the Arrival Exit Door Number 13. (7/24 hours).

Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)
Due to the COVID 19 precautions, we will not be able to wait you inside the terminal. Our team will meet you outside of the terminal. All the passengers are forwarded to the same exit door. Our team will be waiting to you in front of the column 13(7/24 hours). It is on the right hand side just after the arrival exit door. They have a signboard written "GUIDE 01" (official code given by the airport management).

Antalya Airport (AYT)
Our team will meet you outside of the terminal with your name (7/24 hours)

Dalaman Airport (DLM)
Our team will meet you outside of the terminal with your name (7/24 hours).

Nevsehir Cappadocia Airport (NAV)
Our team will meet you at the arrival exit door of the airport(right after the baggage claim) with a name signboard(7/24 hours)


Our team will deliver a kit containing your sim card and all necessary other equipments to insert your sim card. After delivery, your sim card will be already activated.

eSIM Activation

We will send a QR code to your email address after your activation. Because of the regulations, your activation will be done after you enter to Turkey.

Customer Care

You can get customer care service 24 hours/7 days via Whatsapp, Live Chat or Email. All the needed information will be supplied in your order summary e-mail.